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Thermal Baths of Forlì

Thermal Baths of Forlì Thermal Baths of Forlì
In this section you can finduseful information and telephone numbers about your staying at theThermal Complex of Forlì.

The most important Thermal bathsof Forlì-Cesena are the Thermal Baths of Bagno di Romagna and theThermal Baths of Castrocaro. Out-and-out wellness centres, thethermal baths of Forlì-Cesena are a structure composed by thewellness centres, several day spas, beauty centres, wonderful hotelsand beauty farms. Despite the scarce dimension, the Thermal baths ofForlì-Cesena are highly reputed all over the Country as the mostequipped and comfortable. Here the most modern instruments andmachineries allow the best use of the healing effects of the thermalwaters. Each department is led by a different specialised doctor. Thehistorical meaning of these baths is worth a mention, considering thefact that yet during the Roman Empire era, of which we do find richevidences, the natural sources of this site were known andappreciated. The medicinal properties of the thermal waters ofForlì-Cesena are due to a centuries-old process of mineralization,which make them suitable for any therapy, as for instance: mudbaths, water massages (vastu)or hydro-massages, inhalation therapies, anti-wrinkle treatments,rehabilitation, anti-stress therapies, turkish baths, saunas,medicinal showers, aqua fitness, gynaecological therapies, hydropinictherapies, etc.... The thermal baths of Forlì-Cesena draw fromsulphurous basins, alkaline bicarbonate minerals, at high temperatureor with low mineral content.
ContactsThermal Baths Forlì Cesena
Bagnodi Romagna: Via Fiorentina, 38

Rita Fabbri - Giuseppina Crociani - Michela MazzoliTelephone+39 0543-911046 - Fax +39 0543-911026 Email:info@bagnodiromagnaturismo.it
Opening time

Open every day, holiday and working days, from 9.00 am to 12.30 pmand from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Termedi Castrocaro: viale G. Marconi 81

MarinaValbonetti - Maestri Monica
Opening time: fromMonday to Friday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm - Tuesday from 3.00 pm to5.00 pmTelephone: 0543-767162 - Fax: 0543-769326
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