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Bicycle and turistic tuors

Surrounding of Forlì by bicycle.
he city of Forlì has to be visited not only for the excellent old city centre but also for two more reasons: the hinterland and the surrounding towns, from Cesenatico to San Mauro Pascoli until the Appennino forlivese. For all this reasons, using a bicycle makes the difference. There are various types of routes, different in difficulty levels, from a relaxed cycling to the most competitive trails.

Route 1: from Castocaro Terme to Meldola, Rocca delle Caminate and Predappio (53 km).

Starting from Castrocaro Terme follow via Marconi to Terra del Sole and turn right to via Ladino. At the second cross get the direction to Vecchiazzano taking via del Partigiano. Follow via Castel Latino and before getting to the parish Church turn right for via Veclezio and you will arrive to San Lorenzo in Noceto. For the next stop get the SS 9 ter and follow the direction to Forlì and then Meldola; after cycling on the bypass turn on the right to Predappio, a climb of about 7 km to get the top of Rocca delle Caminate (382 m). After going down you will get Predappio with the opportunity to get Predappio Alta. Crossing the village, follow the direction to Castrocaro Terme.

Route 2: from Forlì to Forlimpopoli and Bertinoro (17 km).

Starting from piazzale della Vittoria, where there is the all war memorial monument, and crossing viale Roma you will get to the river Ronco. Then your route will follow on the left cycling on via del Tratturo to villa Selva and Santuario di Fornò. After about 8 km you will reach San Leonardo by a cycle path that will get you directly to the city centre of Forlimpopoli. Then cycling on via Emilia, turn right to Bertinoro where you will have a great panoramic view.

Route 3: form Forlì to Rocca San Casciano (75 km).

The route starts from piazzale Ravaldino and cycling the SP 3 del Rabbi to Predappio. In San Martino in Strada turn left to Meldola and once arrived at the SP 4, turn right, following the directions to Campigna and Predappio getting Rocca delle Caminate. Once crossed the village centre of Predappio, getting via Roma you will start to get back up the valley of Rabbi. In Rocca San Casciano, when you find the SS 67, follow the direction to Dovadola and Castrocaro until the diversion to Vecchiazzano. After about 6 km you will cross again the SP 3 and you’ll find at your left the directions to the city centre of Forlì.

Route 4: cycling tour through the Forlì countryside (18 km).

This route allows you to cycle the path of the Forlì countryside. Leaving the city, get via Gorizia and a part of via Lughese, then turn right on via Lunga and, at the end, turn left via del Canale. Arrived at the cross with Barisano and via Voltuzza, turn right and soon you will find the ancient early Christian church of San Martino. Next turning on via Trentola on the SP 71. At the cross with via Voltuzza, turn right until via Piastrino and you will find the SP 52 via XIII Novembre 1944. At the cross with via Minarla, you must turn right to get San Tomè and get ready to come back. From via Minarda you will arrive to via Lughese and follow the directions to the Forlì city centre you will find on your left.

Route 5: cycling tour on mountain bike from Predappio to Monte Bruchelle and come back (21 km).

This is a short route but very suggestive from the naturalistic point of view. Starting from S. Savino, and just back the house in the 39 street number, get the countryside road to the mountain from piazza S. Antonio to Tontola. Before getting the top of the Brucelle mountain, follow the directions to Sentiero degli Alpini: turn first left and then right on a small path. There you find two possible ways. Before getting the top of the Monte Velbe there are two directions you can come choose to come back to Predappio, with different paths that will bring you to the monumental cemetery of S. Cassiano. Otherwise, from Rocca delle Caminate you can get to Predappio.

Route 6: from Castrocaro Terme to Terra del Sole (77 km).

From Castrocaro Terme, mantain the direction to Dovaldola and Rocca San Casciano and, after crossing the city centre, follow on the SS 67, direction Florence. After 24 km you will get to Portico di Romagna and then follow the directions to Premilcuore, with the route which arrives to the top of the Passo del Manzo (840 m). After having gone down, in Premilcuore at the cross with the SS 9 ter, turn on the left to Forlì. Getting San Zeno, turn left to Rocca San Casciano and get the top of the Colle delle Centoforche (551 m). Once arrived to Rocca San Casciano, follow the directions to Forlì and get to Castrocaro Terme.

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